As of the 23rd of September 2017, NLFI’s board consists of two members, each having profound experience in both the financial and the private sector: Ms. Lilian Gonçalves-Ho Kang You  and Mr. Diederik Laman Trip (chairman).


Lilian Gonçalves-Ho Kang You (1946) has a legal background. She was a board member of the independent post and telecom regulator OPTA. She has also been involved in M&A transactions, both as a lawyer and an advisor. Ms. Gonçalves was state councillor at the Council of State (Raad van State) until 1 December 2016.


Diederik Laman Trip (1946) was, until 2005, the CEO of ING Group in the Netherlands. He has a broad experience in retail banking and insurance. Inter alia, Mr. Laman Trip is member of the Netherlands Committee for Enterprise and Financing.


Ms. Gonçalves-Ho Kang You


Mr. Laman Trip