NLFI’s board consists of three members, each having profound experience in both the financial and the private sector: Mr. Michael Enthoven (chairman), Ms. Lilian Gonçalves-Ho Kang You (member) and Mr. Diederik Laman Trip (member).


Michael Enthoven (1951) worked with JP Morgan & Co for long years and later became the CEO of NIBC, where he gained extensive experience in corporate and investment banking. From 2008 until 2011 he acted as an advisor to the Ministry of Finance. Mr. Enthoven  also was a substitute judge at the district court The Hague.


Lilian Gonçalves-Ho Kang You (1946) has a legal background. She was a board member of the independent post and telecom regulator OPTA. She has also been involved in M&A transactions, both as a lawyer and an advisor. Ms. Gonçalves was a member of the Council of State (Raad van State) until 1 December 2016.


Diederik Laman Trip (1946) was, until 2005, the CEO of ING Group in the Netherlands. He has a broad experience in retail banking and insurance. Inter alia, Mr. Laman Trip is member of the Netherlands Committee for Enterprise and Financing.


Mr. Enthoven, Ms. Gonçalves-Ho Kang You
and Mr. Laman Trip.